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Create a checklist for client

Our straight-forward setup process allows you to get started collecting documents in as little as 5 minutes. Tailor your document collection process to your needs by setting the exact requirements needed from each recipient.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Collect E-Signatures

Our e-signature solutions utilize the latest technological advancements to ensure speed, security, and ease of use. Eliminate printing, shipping, and storage costs associated with traditional signatures, saving you time and money.

Jam packed full of features

Automated Client Reminders

Our automated reminders are sent to recipients to ensure documents are submitted on time without any follow-up required.

Client Portal

Clients can access your applications via a free secure client portal where they can follow your checklist and complete the required documents

Secure Storage

Documents are stored securely in an electronic format for easy retrieval and archival purposes.

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"We’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter and now we’re rolling it out across all customers."

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Joshua Manson


"Dittoflow has been a tremendous help and is saving our staff 3600 hours per month with its workspaces."

Yvonne Chen

VP of Marketing

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